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Unsafe loads on vehicles injure more than 1,200 people a year and cost UK businesses millions of pounds in damaged goods. Here is how to secure loads safely on vehicles.

What can happen?

  • People and loads fall
  • Load shift forward
  • Vehicles can roll
  • Products are damaged

How to secure loads safely

To secure a load safely you need to make sure it is:

  • restrained – tied firmly down to the load bed; and
  • contained – it can’t move around (shift) inside the vehicle

Planning load handling—an-operator%27s-guide-to-safe-loading-and-transport.aspx—a-professional-driver%27s-guide-to-safe-loading-and-transport.aspx

More things to think about

There are many other things you can do to keep safe while you are handling loads.

  • Preventing falls from height
  • Preventing slips and trips
  • Segregation
  • Safe manual handling
  • Personal protective equipment

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Myth: A member of the public was told that they could not give out air-filled balloons to children after a library book event due to unspecified health and safety reasons. Instead they had to burst them and throw them away.

Truth: There are no health and safety regulations which stand in the way of children having fun with balloons.


A pump company has pleaded guilty to safety failings after a trainee design engineer lost his life.

A 19-year-old trainee design engineer, Mr H came into contact with a live 3 phase electrical system and died from his injuries. Jake was carrying our electrical testing work and was working unsupervised whilst testing a live electrical control panel.

An unsafe system of work was found to be the cause of Mr H’s death. The company had not adequately risk assessed the testing of live electrical panels to identify a safe system of work and failed to provide suitable training and supervision to undertake 3 phase live testing.

The company was fined £300,000, with total costs of £115,000.


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